Rowan Blair Colver


Poet, Author, Artist, Songwriter

Rowan Blair Colver was born on 21st August 1981. He lives in Sheffield which is in the north of England. He has two children and a wide circle of friends. Without the constant support from those around him Rowan would be unable to keep doing his work.

By finding the beauty in places where it is often misunderstood or forgotten, by highlighting the subtlties of life with verse, story, song and image, Rowan brings a unique gift to the world and those around him.

Imagination drives what he does, sometimes using his gifts to tell the truth and sometimes to tell stories of poetry and prose, he has something for most.

Currently self published, Rowan Blair Colver actively pursues his writer career with several titles. From poetry to fantasy, local history to children's stories he has many outlets for his creative messages.

Using his digital camera, Rowan takes photographs of many things and then uses his computer to manipulate them in unique ways to produce inspiring digital art works. These range from pretty floral designs and spiritual messages to full fronting abstract complexity.

Rowan also produces songs and music of many genres. From acoustic folk to swirling beaty electronica or dark gloomy metal he can capture many moods and evoke several emotions through the use of sound and lyrics. Currently self published he has albums for sale and performs regular shows in his local area.