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Self expression through sound…. Rowan Blair Colver in Sound

Rowan Blair Colver - Beyond The Frozen Ocean

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Rock n Roll, Electronica and Post Rock influenced instrumental music.
Track Listing:
1. Behold!
2. Snow Lanterns
3. Oblique Cloud Waves
4. The Colour of Sky
5. Thunder Struck
6. The Abandonment of Small Towns
7. River Transition
8. Beneath the Dreaming Sea
9. The Merkabah in Flight

Runtime - 50 mins.

Rowan Blair Colver - Haunting Thee

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An artistic and heart felt volley through experimental electro, blues, folk and rock n roll. A progressive album, inspired by artists from most genres. This fuses emotional words and poetry with raw and melodic guitar music.
Produced independently in Park Hill, Sheffield, UK, for Indigo Poet Creations.

Track listing :
1 - Indigo Crystalline Rainbow
2 - The Visionary
3 - Brightest of Lights
4 - Free Me
5 - Walking The Wrong Path (for 10 years)
6 - Inner Land
7 - Memorandum
8 - And The Angel Spoke
9 - What You Choose
10 - The Shape of Infinite Sides

Runtime - 54 mins.

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MirrorFace - Total Internal Reflection
Stare into the music and see yourself

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From the beginning of MirrorFace, back in 2003, music has been recorded and privately distributed. If you are lucky enough to own a copy of an early MirrorFace album then consider yourself very lucky, hang on to it! Popular demand for the music has encouraged me to produce this CD, Total Internal Reflection consists of all the tracks from past recordings that I deem worthy of summing up the MirrorFace sound at it's best. With 16 tracks and well over an hour play time, this album is a must for all MirrorFace Fans old and new. Track Listing

01 Into Sleep We Fall
02 Bleak
03 Lingering
04 Stairway to The Underworld
05 We Were Very Good Friends
06 Sunshine
07 Papavaria
08 In Your Dream
09 Black Envelope
10 Swift Flyby
11 Softly
12 A Time To Reflect
13 Leaves Of A Fern
14 Walking The Wrong Path
15 Shed A Tear
16 As Fluid Sunlight Fades

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Lightspeed Reveals Hidden Entities Bearing Blue Gifts, the brand new album from Experiment A.

Funky, dancey, moody, meditative, and journeying…everything you expect from Experiment A. Super length, 76 minutes album.
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Track Listing
1. Celebration of Outdated Ideals
2. The Infinite Root of an Irreducible Constant
3. Healing Wood
4. Timeline Layline Faultline
5. Intergalactic Back Garden
6. Gaia Magnet
7. Plasma Wine
8. Space Between Space
9. The Inverse Spherical Tube
10. Preset Concept
11. Things on Swirling Strings
12. Another Long Walk
13. Dreaming of Consciousness
14. Divine Cellar

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Fare Well Traveller. Produced in 2010 this once more pushes new boundaries of composed electronic music into new realms of diversity and indulgence. This album will take you on a journey, and by the end you'll want to go back again, and again.

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Track Listing
01 Good Luck Cosmonaut
02 Anticipated Dissipated
03 Night Bus
04 Look I'm Flying
05 Running
06 B Roads and Bottletops
07 The Alpha Scenario
08 Dream Walker
09 Let's Go Home
Play time - 54:34

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Previously from Experiment A, in the beginning of 2010 this came to being
Experiment A And The Rainbow Dawn

A description of the dawn of spiritual emergence from dumb and non involved life to mental scapes of vast and energising prospects and fields of being.

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Track Listing
01 Midnight at the Water's Edge]]
02 The Rainbow Dawn
03 Generation Generator
04 A Different Kind of World
05 Cosmic Rainclouds Gleam as The Heavens Open
Play time - 52:52

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