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One Vision

An Uplifting Poem

By Rowan Blair Colver

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Forward in one with a vision shared by heaven,
Threads are now spun that hold us towards forever,
Golden with light from a galaxy yet unborn,
Sung with a lullaby to awaken this beautiful morn.

Traces of the waters flow upon the weary shore,
Freshest rain and rivers know how long this drought is for,
Beacon of a moment entwined with something bright,
Sudden something forming with a twist of long due light.

So spiral sunny sky curves into translucent corners,
Opaque and forver high a symbol of the chorus,
Winged voices eternal sing in scripture from the heart,
Reminding the stars within the song shall never depart.

Somewhere deep inside a mind can be found a glimmering wish,
Something you can only find when feeling more than this,
A single spark of knowing breeds a candle then a flame,
Illuminates our inner needs and gives our soul a name.

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· 2012/05/17 16:11 · Rowan Colver


By Rowan Blair Colver

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To swim with you in the sea of acceptance,
The expanse of the possible open wide,
To learn from you the trials of betterment,
Journeys we travel so far inside.

To rejoin the conscious upward and new,
Feeling my way to turn a fresh page,
To be one with another so dear and so true,
A day within dream a sign of the age.

To be blessed with human sunshine,
On days where it feels like rain,
To be forever entangled entwined,
It can always be the same, again.

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· 2012/05/17 01:22 · Rowan Colver

Fragile Bird - A Poem

By Rowan Blair Colver

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If you were a fragile bird of our song
Your wings I would gently unfold
To be mine as part of the giant sky
A magical being I would behold
Together we would gather for the winter
And nest in sacred trees untouched
A foundation of feather and splinter
Making good of when there is enough

If you were such as a delicate flower
Your petals I would fear to crush
And if you became such a posy fair
Upon stem so tall, green and lush
Standing tall among the dandelions
Gracing the green with colourful glow
I would surely never become tired
Of watching you blossom and grow

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· 2012/01/22 00:06 · Rowan Colver


By Rowan Blair Colver

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If the scythe brushed past your throat tonight,
Would you wear your Sunday best?
Or would the patchwork quilt of mothers yarns,
Conceal your naked chest?

As ears of corn when ripened yield,
To the will of the passing blade,
If such a time would visit soon,
Would the door remain unchained?

Where shadows dance and flicker life,
How emotions fade or turn,
The candle wick is only so long,
How far would you let it burn?

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· 2011/11/27 20:57 · Rowan Colver

Protest Poem

By Rowan Blair Colver

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I do not think that your reports are valid all the time,

And I think I'd go as far to say they're sometimes out of line,

Hypocrisies, Democracies, Dictatorships and Threat,

Sliced and spliced with editors knife, let us not forget,

A sentence can be reversed if it helps to play the cause,

Fallen hero behind their bars forgotten 'till now of course.

Taking things from others hands without a word of thanks,

Making sure the top dog wags his tail- stimulate the banks.

Another penny for the library another grand to go to war,

Education, let them pay themselves, that's what jobs are for.

Promote the use of processed food and charge medical bills,

Fill our media with fear and death, make the populous ill.

Blame the ones without a voice for not playing out their role,

From their lives they broke right in, searched around and stole.

Pave the way to easy street for those with a special key,

Born to walk the golden path, not meant for you and me,

The price to keep this bubble thick and strong against the truth,

Is costing us a pretty penny every time the system we use.

Every written signature, every pound spent in the street,

Every piece of knowledge gained from everyone you meet,

The bubble reinforces self with every affirmative motion,

Responsive to our daily plans, desires and emotion.

Blog Home Rowan Blair Colver


· 2011/11/14 21:17 · Rowan Colver

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